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Temporary Hydrant Meters

Citizens distributes temporary hydrant meters only after a fully-executed contract is in place.

Information required for new requests includes name, company, federal EIN number, phone number, email address, mailing address (not PO Box), intended use, and images of each hydrant wrench and tanker air gap for use with indivudal meters.

Customers are charged a deposit amount of $1,140 (to cover loss or damage) for every contracted meter in advance of receipt. Meters are only issued during pre-scheduled appointments.

Contract approval is subject to account eligibility, inspection of submitted tanker air gap and hydrant wrench photos, meter availability and deposit payment.

New contract requests can be submitted using our online request form.


Overview of the Contract

Under this contract, customers are required to do the following:

  • Pay a deposit and monthly water volume charges.
  • Assume responsibility for the safekeeping and proper protection of the meter, fitting, and fire hydrant.
  • Agree to comply with Citizens program rules, which are filed with and approved by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC).
  • Restrict use of the meter to those who have completed the Temporary Hydrant Meter Training.
  • Return the meter to Citizens for inspection and exchange each year.
  • Report meter readings to Citizens on a monthly basis using the Hydrant Meter Reading form.
  • Only access hydrants designated for use in the Citizens Blue and Green Authorized Hydrants program.

Blue Hydrant Program: Marion and Surrounding Counties

CEG-hydrants (1)

Green Hydrant Program: Westfield



Meter Reading Reporting Requirements

Customers who have been issued a temporary hydrant meter must report meter readings to Citizens on or before the 5th day of each month.


If a customer does not provide meter readings by the due date, usage may be estimated and billed per the present rate schedule. In accordance with the present rate schedule, a $25.00 per month non-reporting fee will be assessed after the second month that the meter readings are not submitted on time.

Submit Hydrant Meter Readings

If you have any questions regarding the contract for a temporary hydrant meter or the reporting of meter readings, please contact us at thm@citizensenergygroup.com.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a Temporary Hydrant Meter?

You can submit your request using our online form.

New customer - have the above information ready to provide.  

Existing customer - have your Citizens account number.

*Please do not travel to the Citizens Langsdale location until you have gotten confirmation from us. You will not be granted access to pick up a meter without a confirmed appointment.

How do I use a Temporary Hydrant Meter?
How do I submit readings for a Temporary Hydrant Meter?
Which hydrants should I use for my Temporary Hydrant Meter? 

Please refer to the map of Citizens Authorized Blue & Green Hydrant Locations.

What if I would like to use a fire hydrant that is not listed as an Authorized Hydrant?

To request permission to use a fire hydrant not identified as authorized, advise that you would like to submit for a Hydrant Variance Authorization. Once this request has been submitted, you will be contacted and advised of the status of your request.

*Requests for filling residential swimming pools, residential landscaping and residential masonry work will not be submitted for consideration.

Make sure to watch this 4-minute training video before hydrant meter use.

If you would like to submit a new Temporary Hydrant Meter request, click the "New Request" button below.

New Request

If you have an existing request and would like to view the current status, click the "Existing Request" button below. Please note: you will need your THM request number to view the current status.

Existing Request