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Leadership and Governance

Citizens Energy Group is governed by a 5-member, non-partisan Board of Trustees and a 9-member, non-partisan Board of Directors as established in Indiana Code 8-1-11.1-1. According to the statute, the trustees’ exclusive function is to make nominations for vacancies to both boards and “nominees shall be appointed by the mayor of the consolidated city (Indianapolis) within ten (10) days after receiving such nominations.” The Board of Directors has primary oversight for the current management and long-term direction of the company.

The Citizens Energy Group Board of Directors and Board of Trustees are accountable to state and local elected officials, regulators, and of course customers. Made up of 14 accomplished citizens of Marion County, Citizens’ Boards include retired and current leaders of corporations and major non-profit organizations. Board members receive modest compensation for their service. Further accountability is ensured because Citizens is regulated by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission and other agencies including the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and U.S. EPA.