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    Submit Request for Temporary Hydrant Meter(s)


    Before beginning the Temporary Hydrant Meter request process, please be aware of the following conditions and requirements.

    1. Citizens Energy Group requires a signed contract for each temporary hydrant meter issued.
    2. Customers are charged a deposit amount of $1,140 (to cover loss or damage) for every contracted meter in advance of issue.
    3. Additional detail from our contract template can be found here.
    4. Hydrant meters shall only be used by operators that have completed our virtual training.
    5. We require photos of each hydrant wrench to be used with every individual hydrant meter. If tanker truck(s) will be used to transport water from designated hydrants, we require photos verifying the existence of a permanent air gap.
    6. Images will be required as part of the request process.
    7. Estimated response time to requests is ten (10) business days or less.