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    Property Owner Initiated Lead Service Line Replacement

    Property Owner Initiated Lead Service Line Replacements (LSLR’s)

    Property owners not located in a current prioritized lead service line replacement project area who wish to undertake replacement of their lead service line have two options. Under both options, Citizens funds the portion of the replacement in the public right -of-way, but the property owner is required to fund the replacement of the portion of the service line on private property. The two options are:

    1. Option #1: Property owners may request a quote for the full-service line replacement directly from Citizens’ contractor. Citizens’ contractor will assess the project and provide a quote to the property owner for the property owner’s cost of the replacement on private property. Subject to the property owner’s agreement to pay for the replacement of the portion of the service line on private property, Citizens’ contractor will replace the service line, including both the portion in the right-of-way and the portion on private property, as one project.

    2. Option #2 Property owners contract directly with a plumber/ contractor registered and bonded with Citizens, complete a service line modification permit, and replace the portion of the service line on private property at the property owner’s cost. Upon notification, Citizens will attempt to coordinate replacement of the portion of the service line in the right-of-way so that the right-of-way replacement is conducted simultaneously with the property owner’s work. If this timing is not possible, Citizens will replace the right-of-way portion within 45 days, barring unusual circumstances.

    Lead service lines modified by the property owner must be brought up to current standards, requiring full replacement of the lead service line from the water main to the home or business. Water meters will be reinstalled outside within 1 to 3 feet of the right of way line on customers property. As with other LSLR projects, the new service line will be flushed, sampled, and tested, with the test results provided to the property owner.

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