Septic Tank Elimination Program

STEP - 2016 and beyond

*The information contained on this page only applies to projects going into construction in 2016 or after. All other STEP Project information can be found here.

If you are interested in knowing if your home or neighborhood is in a future STEP area please submit a Utility Availability Request.

In 2016, Citizens adopted a new approach to providing sewer service to properties currently being served by septic systems. As part of this new program, property owners will be able to pay one fee for connection and construction; to one entity (i.e. Citizens Energy Group) if they agree to participate in our program within the allotted time. (*Offer is only good for a limited time. See pdf STEP Program Guide for more details.)

By participating in the Citizens STEP Program, property owners will no longer be required to hire their own contractor. However, if a property owner elects not to participate in Citizens STEP Program, they will still be required to connect and will need to hire a contractor. 

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