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White River Rock Ramp

Construction Ahead

Citizens Energy Group (Citizens) is constructing a rock ramp on the White River to enhance the utility’s ability to meet the water supply needs of customers during dry weather and flood events.

What is happening along the White River?

Approximately 500 feet south of the boat ramp in Riverside Park, Citizens is constructing a rock ramp. Large stone weirs are constructed in an arch pattern within the ramp to form a stepped structure that holds back water to form an upstream pool.

Why do we need a Rock Ramp?

The rock ramp is critical to ensuring the resiliency of the water supply for the Indianapolis area during periods of drought, flooding or Central Canal flow disruption. The rock ramp will allow fish to move both up and downstream and ensure year-round use of the Riverside Boat Ramp, a popular amenity for fishermen, canoers, and kayakers.




FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY - Rendering of Rock Ramp at completion.


FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY - Rendering of water depth along the river.