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Pleasant Run Crossing

In October, 2016, Citizens Energy Group was awarded a $375,000 POWER 2016 grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) to develop a comprehensive Assessment, Reuse and Implementation (ARI) Strategy for the former site of its coke and manufactured gas plant on Prospect Street, now known as Pleasant Run Crossing.  Citizens matched the EDA funds with $375,000, to complete the ARI Strategy, which included the concepts below.

On Dec. 18, 2017, Citizens reached an agreement for transfer of the site of its former manufactured coke and gas plant along Prospect Street to the City of Indianapolis for the development of a Community Justice Campus. The agreement calls for the transfer of all 140 acres of property located north and south of Prospect Street. The land agreement and subsequent justice center development plans must be approved by the Indianapolis City County Council with votes expected in January 2018.

Citizens has been working collaboratively with the Twin Aire Neighborhood Coalition and the Great Places initiative to create redevelopment plans designed to revitalize this area of the city. We are pleased that the community strongly supports the Community Justice Campus and look forward to working with the city and our community stakeholders as redevelopment plans move forward.

As we work collaboratively with the city, we are moving forward with environmental remediation at the site. We are confident the remediation can be completed to accommodate development of the Community Justice Campus and other appropriate uses. In addition to recent improvements to Pleasant Run Creek, we will be planting more than 1,000 trees at the site as part of the creek restoration and our 10 Thousand Trees Program.  And finally, by the year 2025 we will restore water quality in Pleasant Run Creek to levels not seen in more than 100 years by eliminating sewer overflows to the stream through construction of the Pleasant Run Tunnel as part of our DigIndy Project.

Development Concepts:

pdf Final Approved Report

pdf Development Program - Concept 1 Traffic

pdf Development Program - Concept 2 Traffic

pdf Trip Generation Concept 1

pdf Trip Generation Concept 2

pdf Socioeconomic Briefing

pdf Economic, Workforce and Real Estate Analysis

pdf September 11th TANC Presentation

pdf August 14th TANC Presentation

pdf Infrastructure Assessment

pdf June 19th TANC Presentation

pdf Pleasant Run Crossing Design Workshop (10mb)

Plant History

Until it closed in July 2007, Indianapolis Coke, the Manufacturing Division of Citizens Gas, produced coke, manufactured gas and various chemical by-products for industrial use. Coke is a solid carbon material that is used as a fuel primarily by steel mills and foundries. Indianapolis Coke had been in operation since 1909 and once produced all of the gas used for heating and other purposes in Marion County. With the introduction of natural gas transported to Indianapolis via interstate pipelines in the 1950s, the percentage of manufactured gas in the gas distribution system gradually declined and reached zero when the manufacturing plant ceased operations in 2007. 

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