Watershed Groups

A watershed is an area of land where all of the water, on it or beneath it, drains into the same place. Watersheds are also referred to as drainage basins. They come in all shapes and sizes. According the U.S. EPA, there are 2,110 watersheds on the continental United States and another 150 on Alaska and Hawaii.

Healthy watersheds are vital for a flourishing environment and economy. Our watersheds provide water for drinking, irrigation and industry. We all live on a watershed and we all rely on the water and other natural resources in our watershed. What we do on the land impacts the quality of our water. That is why it so important to be aware of the chemicals and substances we use as they can potentially enter our water supply.

There are several central Indiana environmental leaders, concerned individuals and professionals dedicating their time and energy to improving the environment and water quality. Making improvements to water quality and the environment requires a watershed approach, as it is all ultimately connected.

Eagle Creek Watershed Alliance

The Eagle Creek Watershed Alliance (ECWA) is a broad coalition of individuals, volunteers, foundations, local organizations, utilities, county, state, and federal agencies, and universities working together to improve water quality and the environment of the Eagle Creek Watershed.

ECAW Mission: To utilize a holistic approach to watershed management with the ultimate goals of improving water quality, increasing public awareness of watershed water quality, and encouraging stewardship of the watershed's resources.

White River Alliance (formerly Upper White River Watershed Alliance)

The White River Alliance (WRA), a consortium of local governments, industry leaders, agriculture and the regional community, exists to improve and protect water quality on a local watershed basis by consolidating data, integrating planning and priorities, and encouraging the development of smaller watershed partnerships that can more efficiently implement projects and plans within the larger Upper White River Region.

Geist Lake Coalition (GLC)

The GLC is a volunteer organization and coalition of neighborhoods surrounding Geist Reservoir that have the mission of working collaboratively with community members and leaders to provide safe, responsible recreational use of the reservoir while protecting the quality our most important resource. Learn more at Geist Lake Coalition.

Morse Waterways Association

The Morse Waterways Association is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization promoting safety and the environment within the Morse Reservoir watershed.

Lower Fall Creek Watershed

The Marion County Soil and Water Conservation District received an IDEM 319 grant for the Lower Fall Creek Watershed. The grant is to evaluate Lower Fall Creek and to develop a management plan with the help of neighbors (stakeholders). This work will involve some water testing to determine sources of pollution and other impairments to the water quality. Additionally, current and future land uses will also be considered.

Friends of the White River

Established in 1985, the Friends of the White River is a not-for-profit corporation formed to preserve and protect the White River. The Friends represent those who use the river for recreational purposes, those who live near its banks, and all citizens interested in the preservation of the river as a natural resource.