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Each day, more than 800,000 people and thousands of businesses rely on Citizens Energy Group for safe, high quality drinking water.

We produce drinking water at ten treatment facilities strategically located near primary water sources including the White River and Geist, Morse and Eagle Creek Reservoirs. While the size of each facility varies, the treatment process, rigorous testing, and high standards for safety and quality are the same.

Our licensed treatment plant operators continuously monitor our water for safety and for quality measures, such as taste and clarity that can be impacted by common natural forces such as minerals in our water supply.

Learn more about our 12-hour treatment process by taking the virtual tour below.

Water Treatment Virtual Tour

Learn more about how Citizens treats the water for your home or work.


Recognition by Partnership for Safe Water

Citizens Energy Group’s four surface water treatment plants and the utility's distribution system have been recognized with Directors Awards from the Partnership for Safe Water.

PartnershipforsafewaterThe Partnership for Safe Water is a voluntary effort between six highly respected drinking water organizations and more than 300 water utilities. The goal of the Partnership is to provide a new measure of public health protection to millions by encouraging utilities to voluntarily improve performance beyond current regulatory requirements.

The preventative measures are based around optimizing treatment plant performance and distribution system operation. The result is the production and delivery of superior quality water to all utility customers.