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White or Milky Discoloration

Most Common Cause: The most common cause of this is tiny air bubbles, also known as dissolved air. Because cold water contains more dissolved air, this concern is most frequently seen during the winter months when the water in the distribution system is chilled by the cold outdoor temperatures (at or below 50 degrees). As the water comes through the pipes into the home, it warms up and cannot hold the air. The result is very tiny bubbles.

Recommended Action: To confirm if the milky or cloudy white water is really air, fill a clear glass with cold tap water. As the air rises to the top of the glass, the water will get clearer from the bottom of the glass. If this result is experienced, no further action is needed. No health/safety concerns and water use can continue as normal.

If the water clears at the top first, you have solid particles in your lines. For more information on how to resolve the issue, see the section on White Particles.

Dissolved air clearing from the bottom over time.

After taking the above listed actions, if the concern was not resolved, please open a case to be contacted by a Customer Case Manager.

Open a Case