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Rebates - Citizens Energy Group

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Conversion Rebate Program

Existing Citizens Energy Group gas customers who use electricity, oil or propane could be paying a premium compared to natural gas. We want to help you save on your energy costs with a credit to your gas account when you switch your current appliance to a new natural gas appliance.

The following rebates are available for Citizens Energy Group natural gas customers:




Natural Gas Water Heater

  • Replace your current electric, oil or propane water heater with a natural gas water heater



Natural Gas Furnace

  • Replace your current electric, oil or propane heating system with a natural gas heating system



What you will need to apply:

  1. Your Citizens Energy Group gas service account number found at the top of your bill.

  2. Installing contractor information (if applicable).

  3. A copy of your itemized invoice that contains all equipment and installation information. If self-installing, include a copy of the receipt (a home inspection may be required).


Conversion Rebate Form