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Blue or Blue-Green Particles

Most Common Cause: The natural color of water is very light blue; however the most common cause for blue or blue-green particles is a result of copper from your pipes combining with the hardness scale. The build-up will be most noticed on the tip of faucets and in the bottom of sinks that constantly drip. In homes with copper pipes, leaching can occur most commonly when electrical appliances are improperly grounded to household plumbing pipes.

Recommended Action: If the home has improper grounding of appliance(s), please contact an electrical expert. Using commonly found calcium/lime/rust cleaning products will typically remove build-up from faucets, aerators and other hard services. No health/safety concerns and water use can continue as normal.  

After taking the above listed actions, if the concern was not resolved, please open a case to be contacted by a Customer Case Manager.

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