If you are experiencing a sudden loss of water, please review the information below.

Most Common Cause: A possible cause for a sudden outage is repair work to the distribution system carrying water to the home.

Recommended Action: To check for ongoing work in the area which could be the cause of this issue. View Outage Map If there is no work in the area, there could be a leak at the property. Leak Detection Tips No health/safety concerns and water use can continue as normal.

Common Cause: An outage may happen if there is a leak in the home.

Recommended Action: If you are seeing a visible leak in the home, locate the isolation valve at the meter within the home or access the meter pit (if you have one) to control water to the entire premise.  If you should need assistance, please contact Citizens at (317) 924-3311 for a field technician to turn water off at the premise.

Common Cause: If the outage is during periods when temperatures are below freezing, the cause is likely frozen pipes. 

Recommended Action: If you have frozen pipes, you may be able to apply gradual heat to the affected areas. You should also monitor closely after applying heat in the event that any pipes or valves have frozen and may leak after thawed (causing flood conditions). NEVER USE DIRECT HEAT SUCH AS A TORCH, HAIR DRYER, or SPACE HEATER ETC. ON PIPES. If you are unable to perform these actions safely please contact a licensed plumber for assistance.

You can also view this Terri Talks video to learn what you can do to avoid frozen pipes and what to do if you have frozen pipes.

Common Cause: If the outage is throughout the home, another likely cause is a malfunctioning water softener or clogged whole-house filter

Recommended Action: If you have a water softener, we recommend bypassing it. Please refer to the softener's owner's manual for bypassing instructions. If this resolves the outage issue, contact a plumber to have your softener inspected, repaired or replaced. If you have a whole-house filter, replace the filter.

If the issue was not resolved after taking the recommended steps above, please call (317) 924-3311 or click here to Report an Outage.