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In addition to providing our customers with safe and reliable drinking water, Citizens is responsible for the collection and treatment of wastewater, commonly known as sewage, within the Indianapolis/Marion County Boundaries.

To report a spill into the wastewater (sewer) system, please call (317) 924-3311.

Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plants

Citizens owns two advanced wastewater treatment (AWT) facilities. The Belmont AWT Plant was originally placed into service in 1924 as a primary clarification plant. Numerous upgrades to add secondary and tertiary treatment now allow an average flow capacity of 120 million gallons per day, with peak flows up to 300 million gallons per day.

The Southport AWT Plant was first placed in service in 1966 to meet the needs of our growing city. Originally designed as a secondary treatment plant, upgrades in the 1970s and 1980s added advanced treatment facilities, allowing increased average daily flows of 125 million gallons per day and peak flows of up to 180 million gallons per day. In 2014, the plant began undergoing an expansion project to treat additional flow. 

Together, the AWT plants treat more 70 billion gallons of wastewater (sewage) each year.

Collection System

The wastewater (sewage) collection system consists of nearly 3,000 miles of sewer lines ranging from 8 inches to 120 inches in diameter, almost 110,000 manholes, approximately 50,000 basin/inlet structures and more than 250 wastewater lift stations. A good portion of this system is a combined sewer system, built in the early 1900s and is designed to carry both stormwater and sanitary wastewater (sewage) from residences and businesses. The combined sewer area is located primarily in Center Township, and it covers approximately 55.5 square miles. The rest of the service area contains separate sanitary and stormwater sewers, and it covers approximately 222 square miles.

Private Septic Systems

There are an estimated 20,000 properties in Marion County that are served by private septic systems. Through the Septic Tank Elimination Program (STEP), Citizens is gradually converting these neighborhoods to sanitary sewers.

Other Communities

In addition to its Indianapolis/Marion County customers, Citizens also has interjurisdictional agreements for wastewater treatment and disposal with the following communities:

  • Ben Davis Conservancy District 

  • Boone County Utilities 

  • City of Beech Grove 

  • City of Greenwood 

  • City of Lawrence 

  • Hamilton Southeastern Utilities, Inc. 

  • Tri-County Conservancy District

Wastewater from these communities is routed into the Indianapolis wastewater collection system, and is treated at one of the AWT plants.

For more information, or to report a problem with the wastewater collection system, please contact Customer Service at (317) 924-3311.