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In 1893, Thomas Edison finished construction of the world's first motion picture studio in West Orange, New Jersey. That same year Indianapolis Light & Power's Kentucky Avenue Station (Perry K Steam Plant) in downtown Indianapolis began producing electricity for the new electric lights pioneered by Edison.

In 1905 the Perry K Plant began conversion to a steam production facility that would provide heat to large buildings and industries in the downtown area.

Today Perry K is the primary engine that drives Citizens' thermal division and supplies the second largest district steam system in the United States. The plant provides steam for heat and hot water to more than 200 commercial buildings and industries across downtown. Perry K's steam also helps power chilled water facilities which cool more than 60 large facilities around downtown.

Perry K and the associated chilled water facilities were acquired by Citizens in March 2000. As a whole, Citizens thermal division is still an engine for the ongoing growth and development of downtown Indianapolis.

Thermal operation's General Office and steam plant located at the corner of West Street and Kentucky Avenue.