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Bills Made Easy With Three Payment Programs!


Get a $5 reward for paying your bill!

Enroll in Paperless Billing with Auto Pay or Budget Billing and receive $5 gift card of your choice for purchases at popular retail stores and restaurants after 12 months.*

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Walmart Gift Card hi-res Amazon Gift Card hi res Chick-Fil-A GC hi-res Starbucks Card

Choose from these restaurants and retailers plus many more!


And enter a sweepstakes drawing for one of three prizes by adding a third program!

If you enroll in all three programs, Paperless Billing, Auto Pay, and Budget Billing, you will also be entered in a sweepstakes drawing for one of three prizes. Drawing date, 11/30/2024.~

Sweepstakes prizes:

  • Samsung 65-inch Smart TV (1 prize awarded)
  • XBox 5 (1 prize awarded)
  • Kitchen-Aid Standing Mixer (1 prize awarded)

Enroll Today

How to receive your $5 gift card:

  • Enroll in Paperless Billing and one of two additional programs Auto Pay or Budget Billing and stay enrolled for 12 months.

  • Currently enrolled customers may participate by adding an additional service if paperless billing is included.

  • One gift card per eligible residential account.

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How to enter the sweepstakes drawing:

  • Enroll in all three convenience programs Auto Pay, Budget and Paperless to be eligible for sweepstakes, and stay enrolled for 5 months consecutively before drawing date, 11/30/2024.~

The sweepstakes drawing will be held on 11/30/2024. Three randomly selected residential customers will receive one sweepstake prize each. If you are already enrolled in all three programs in the most recent 5 months, you are automatically entered in the drawing.

Enroll Today

*Program enrollment must be for 12 months consecutively to qualify for $5 gift card.

~Program enrollment must be for 5 months consecutively prior to sweepstakes drawing, 11/30/2024.

Gift card and sweepstakes drawing are available for residential customers only. One gift card per eligible residential account.

Not paid for with customer rates.

The listed merchants are in no way affiliated with Citizen Energy nor are the listed merchants considered sponsors or co-sponsors of this program. Uses of merchant names and/or logos are by permission of each respective merchant and all trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Terms and conditions are applied to gift cards/certificates. Please visit the following link:  Citizen Energy Disclaimer link (customermotivators.com)