Identifying Citizens Employees

Citizens staff are in neighborhoods each and every day completing important work, and they often cannot give prior notice when walking and working near or on private property. To ensure the safety of our personnel in the field (as well as you, the customer!) take a look at these tips for identifying Meter Readers and other Citizens staff who regularly work in residential areas.

  • Meter Readers, Field Collectors, and Field Service personnel wear various colors of uniform and/or high-visibility clothing, always with the Citizens logo, and always carrying a Citizens badge.

  • Depending on the type of work they are doing, some staff will drive a Citizens vehicle and use technical equipment, but sometimes they will not be near their vehicle or use no specific equipment at all.

  • Check out the service outage map and the construction projects map to understand where work may be happening in your neighborhood. But understand that staff may be completing other types of work (such as meter reading) in your neighborhood that are not shown on these mapping tools.
  • Citizens staff completing a general meter reading or inspection will complete their specific work and move along to their next assignment.

  • Citizens staff may inspect and read various types of meters in the street or near a house; automated meter readings may mean that staff do not have to be right next to a meter.

  • Our staff will rarely need to enter your home without first making an appointment. Before letting someone into your home claiming to be from Citizens, look at the uniform or ask to see the employee's identification. If you have questions about the validity of a person and the nature of his or her visit, please call us at (317) 924-3311 and we will be happy to confirm the identity of our employee.
  • Do not provide the individual with any form of payment without a Citizens Energy Group ID.
  • If someone approaches you requesting payment or claims to be a member of Citizens' field personnel staff, they will be able to show their ID upon request and will be in our uniform. If they are unable to properly identify themselves as a Citizens employee, please immediately contact the police and report the incident. Next, contact Citizens at (317) 924-3311 to report the incident.
  • Citizens Energy Group is not the only utility or public service provider working along public streets and near homes; workers for the electric, telephone, or various Internet companies may also be working in your neighborhood.

  • If you witness a person in your neighborhood who you do not believe to be a utility worker and you feel unsafe, do not confront the person. Move to a secure location and call the non-emergency number for local law enforcement to request an extra patrol for your neighborhood. In an emergency event where bodily injury or property damage has occurred or seems imminent, dial 911.