Identifying Citizens Employees

Our Meter Readers, Field Collectors and Field Service personnel wear uniforms and/or carry an identification card that identifies them as an employee of Citizens Energy Group.

Before letting someone into your home claiming to be from Citizens, look at the uniform or ask to see the employee's identification. If you have questions about the validity of a person and the nature of his or her visit, please call us at (317) 924-3311 and we will be happy to confirm the identity of our employee.

Our Meter Severance Technician will rarely need to enter your home. If someone approaches you requesting payment and claims to be a member of Citizens' field personnel staff, they should show their ID upon request and will be in our uniform. Please contact the police and report the incident immediately if they are unable to properly identify themselves as a Citizens employee. Next, contact Citizens at (317) 924-3311 to report the incident.

Do not provide the individual with any form of payment without a Citizens Energy Group ID.