Excess Flow Valves

The U.S. Department of Transportation has announced a regulation requiring operators of natural gas distribution systems, like Citizens Energy Group, to notify their customers of the availability of excess flow valves (EFV) and of their right to request them. An EFV is a small device that is designed to automatically restrict the flow of gas to your home in the event of a major gas leak or break on your service line (the underground line that runs from the street to the meter).

During normal operation, the valve remains open allowing for the continual flow of gas. If this line is severely damaged due to some type of digging activity, the EFV will automatically restrict the flow of gas and reduce the probability of property damage or injury. Customers should be aware an EFV will only perform as described when a major leak occurs outside of their home. The valve will not detect or prevent leaks that occur inside a customer’s home. The valve will also not prevent small leaks that may happen on the outside service line.

The United States Department of Transportation requires the installation of an EFV on new or replaced gas service lines. However, Citizens’ customers should be aware the installation of these devices on existing natural gas service lines is not mandatory, although they can be installed upon request of a customer at the customer’s expense.

You have the right to request installation of an EFV.

The average cost to install an EFV on the service line is $2,000. The actual cost will vary depending on the difficulty of the installation. This cost does not include any charges that may be incurred later if the EFV requires further maintenance or replacement. This further cost, which cannot be estimated precisely at this time, is covered by Citizens.

Due to certain restrictions, EFV cannot be installed in every condition. For instance, an EFV may not be applicable for customers with load greater than 1,000 cubic feet per hour or where the EFV would interfere with necessary operation. In other instances, an EFV must be installed if requested. Please contact Citizens at (317) 924-3311 if you wish to have your service evaluated for installation of an EFV or have any additional questions.