Water Meter Pit and Lid Basics

There are a variety of water meter pit and lid styles in Citizens’ water distribution system. Each property is unique in that the water meter may not be located in the same location as your neighbor. Some Customers have their water meters located in the basement and others are located outside. The structure housing the water meter outside is called a water meter pit. It is necessary for the Customer to maintain the water meter pit and the surrounding area to ensure Citizens can easily access it. 

Upon routine work, Citizens may notice an issue with the Customer’s water meter pit, or related materials, and notify the Customer of the condition. For more information on how to address your improper condition, please visit Water Service Improper Condition Guidance

The Customer is responsible for maintaining the water meter pit, meter pit cover/lid, meter pit ring and all the related materials inside the pit (excluding the water meter). This is in accordance with Rule 7.1 of Citizens’ Terms and Conditions for Water Service within Marion County and Rule 5.1 of Citizens’ Terms and Conditions for Water Service within Westfield, which is approved by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC). For more information on the Customer’s responsibilities, please read Citizens’ Water Meter Connection and Service Line FAQs.


Photos of Pit Lids