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Frequently Asked Questions About Payment Methods

Why is my payment method not accepted?

Payment methods are verified based on various factors. Banking institutions are verified with your banking institution for a valid account. Credit or Debit cards are verified with your financial institution using zip code, expiration date and the security code (CVV). When asked for payment information, be sure the ZIP is the same as what is on file with your financial institution for the payment method you choose. If payment is declined, contact your bank or credit card company to let them know that PayNearMe is an approved payment vendor for utility payments.

Can I pay my utility bill with my Humana Card?

Yes. Please follow this link to learn how.

How do I make a payment on the IVR?

For security purposes and to verify the correct account, the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system requires the account number to be entered twice. If the account number entries do not match, the transaction cannot be processed. For easier selections on ways to make your payment, add your payment methods online, then when using the IVR you can select to pay with the saved method of your choice.

Can I schedule a payment in advance of my due date?

Yes. An advance payment can be scheduled up to your bill due date. If you don’t have a current bill due date a payment can be scheduled up to 17 days in the future. If you need to schedule it after the end of the current month, scroll on the calendar to the next month.

Can I use Apple Pay?

Yes. Apple Pay has more extensive restrictions for validating payments and verifies all information requested such as address, email, phone, etc.

Can I pay my bill on a smartphone?

Yes. In addition to credit card and bank draft options, Citizens offers Apple Pay and Google Pay when using your mobile device to make a payment. Simply logon with your smartphone to get started.

Avoid Seasonal Spikes with Budget Billing

Sign up for Budget Billing and pay the same fixed amount each month throughout the year, regardless of your actual usage. That means no surprises from seasonal spikes. Best yet, at the end of the 12-month period, there is no “true up”.