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    Outage FAQs

    The location and duration of current water, natural gas, steam and chilled water outages can be accessed on our Outage Map, which is updated continuously. If you suspect a natural gas or water leak or outage in your area, please call us immediately at (317) 924-3311. Customers are also encouraged to report damaged fire hydrants and suspected theft of natural gas or water.

    How common are water leaks and outages?

    Due to decades of under investment by previous owners, Citizens water distribution system experiences about 700 water main breaks per year. In addition, Citizens has scheduled outages along its system for maintenance or system improvements. Since acquiring the water system in 2011, Citizens has invested more than $300 million for system improvements to begin reducing outages.

    How do I detect a water leak?

    If water is spraying out or ponding in the yard or street area during periods of no rain or melting snow, it may be a water main break. If you notice these conditions, please call us immediately at 924-3311.

    Who is responsible for repairing water leaks?

    Customers are responsible for the water service line or “pipe” from the property line into your home, including any outside meter pit, and are responsible for repairing any leaks on your portion of this service line. Citizens Energy Group is responsible only for that portion of the service line from the water main to the property line and owns and is responsible for the meter itself. You own and must purchase, install, remove and safely maintain all meter pits, covers and other materials in and around the pit.

    When the crew arrives, how long does a waterline break repair take?

    Once all the underground utilities in the area have been marked and the repair work begins, a routine water line repair usually takes about 4 to 6 hours to complete, but the time can vary depending upon the size of the main and the extent and of what needs to be repaired.

    Please note, waterline repair work may cause discolored water, reduced water pressure or a temporary loss of water. Once service is restored, it may take 2 to 4 hours for cold water to run clear.

    Is the water usually turned off during a repair?

    In most cases, a water outage may be necessary to make the repair. Notification to affected customers may occur face-to-face or through door hangers when possible. A major outage may be reported to the local news media and posted on our website homepage.

    What about road closures during a repair?

    Citizens will repair streets impacted by water main breaks. Due to weather conditions, some street repairs will be temporary until final restoration is completed.

    What happens when I report a water leak?

    Responsibility for repairing a water line break depends on where the break is found to be. Once you report a suspected break, a Citizens crew can determine which side the leak is on. You will be notified either in person or via a door hanger if you are responsible to repair the leak. In that case, the property owner will be given a specified time period in which the leak must be repaired, to avoid continued water loss or possible disconnection. A certified licensed contractor must be used and an inspection must be scheduled with Citizens.

    Licensed Contractors at Indy.gov

    How common are natural gas leaks and outages?

    Natural gas leaks and main breaks are very infrequent in Marion County thanks to more than $500 million in system improvements we have made to update our system over the past 30 years.

    However, natural gas leaks and outages occasionally occur, mostly due to unauthorized digging by third parties. All customers are reminded they must call Indiana 811 prior to digging on their property.

    How do I detect a natural gas leak?

    Natural gas has an odor similar to rotten eggs so that even the smallest leaks can be detected. If you smell gas, please note the following important safety tips:

    • Do not turn on any lights or use the telephone.

    • Ensure everyone leaves the home/building immediately. Use a telephone away from the building to call Citizens at (317) 924-3311.

    Who is responsible for repairing natural gas leaks?

    Citizens is responsible for repairing gas mains that provide gas to your neighborhood and for the gas service line from the main to your home.

    Natural gas customers are responsible for the maintenance of all gas piping from the gas meter to all gas appliances, including outside appliances such as grills. Buried gas piping, which is not maintained, is subject to potential hazards of corrosion and leakage. For your safety, all buried gas piping should be periodically inspected for leaks. If an unsafe condition is found, the gas piping will need to be promptly repaired. When digging near buried gas piping, the piping must be located in advance and digging should be done by hand. Plumbing and heating contractors can assist in locating, inspecting and repairing your buried pipelines.

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