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Natural Gas Vehicles

Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) are the perfect solution for fleets of almost any kind. From forklifts to city buses, natural gas provides enough power to get the job done. NGVs also are good for the environment. For more information call the Citizens Business Call Center at (317) 927-4328 and choose option three.

Local NGV Fueling Stations

CNG Station

Public Access


Greene's Auto & Truck Service 
(Citizens Energy Group)
Yes 111 W Raymond St.
Indianapolis, IN 46225
Kyler Brothers Service
Yes 4355 Lafayette Blvd.
Indianapolis, IN 46254
Indianapolis Airport Travel Plaza 
(Northville NG Fuels)
Yes 8701 Col. H. Weir Cook Memorial Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46241
CNG Source of Brookville Road No 7005 Brookville Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46239
CNG Fuels Inc. No 510 S. Post Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46239



Here are examples of companies that have been taking proactive steps to help make a more sustainable, cleaner more energy-efficient Indianapolis.

CNG Fleet (End-User) Operators

Monarch Beverage is Indiana's largest beer and wine distributor, and is in the process of converting 85 percent of its commercial truck fleet from diesel to CNG. The cost of the conversion is $16.5 million, and a new CNG fueling station has been constructed at Monarch's distribution center in Lawrence.

Johnson Melloh Solutions is a design-build construction company focused on providing long term value to their clients by reducing life cycle costs associated with energy consumption and operating costs. Johnson Melloh Solutions served as a partner and co-developer of the recently-completed IND Solar Farm at Indianapolis International Airport. The IND Solar Farm is the largest airport solar farm in North America, covering 75-acres with 41,000 solar panels, and has the capacity to produce enough renewable energy to prevent about 10,700 tons of carbon dioxide from being released into the environment each year. Johnson Melloh Solutions also operates a fleet of light-duty CNG vehicles, and was recently selected to co-develop a second solar farm at the airport.

Additional CNG vehicle operators in Central Indiana include Barth Electric Co., Republic Services and the Indiana Department of Transportation.

CNG Station Operator

Northville NG Fuels is a company that develops infrastructure for natural gas vehicles, mainly by working with public and private fleet operators in various industries to help them transition towards natural gas as a primary fuel. The company recently opened its public accessible Northville NG Fuels CNG station at the new Indianapolis Airport Travel Plaza. The facility, which was developed in partnership with the Petroleum Marketing Group of Woodbridge, Virginia, has a range of conveniences for travelers; including six fueling islands, one of which is dedicated to Northville's CNG pumps.

​Perspectives on Growing Natural Gas Market in Indianapolis

"Mayor Ballard and the City of Indianapolis have an aggressive plan to transition the city's heavy fleet to natural gas. Natural gas provides a viable alternative energy source that will benefit the city and taxpayers immediately. Natural gas is a lower cost alternative to diesel allowing the city to be responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars. Further, natural gas will allow the city to avoid using several hundred thousand gallons of diesel every year, helping to achieve Mayor Ballard's goal of reducing our dependence on foreign oil."

- David Rosenberg, Office of Mayor Greg Ballard - City of Indianapolis

"Our perspective is that cost savings for the end-user are driving the market. The environmental aspect of it is great but the bottom line is diesel trucks are nearly as clean as natural gas trucks are now anyway. The vehicles that use the most fuel have the most to save and will be the first to lead the way. These vehicles will drive the market for CNG stations. Once there are a critical number of CNG stations in place, the rest of the vehicles will start to follow also."

- Kris Kyler, KAKCO CNG Fuel

"Indiana is, in my view, one of the states across the U.S. quickly reaching a tipping point in terms of CNG fueling infrastructure availability. And, Indianapolis is clearly the heartbeat of this movement. With our new station west of town at the airport entrance, all parts of Indianapolis now have reasonable access to CNG fueling infrastructure. Our high performance CNG truck stops in Frankfort and Vincennes cover two other key truck bases across the State. Northville is excited to be part of these developments in Indiana."

- Jeff Woods, Northville NG Fuels


Additional Resources

For more information on CNG, LNG and NGVs, and the growing deployment of alternative fuels and technologies in Indiana, visit the following sites:

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