Annual Report

The Citizens Energy Group Annual Report reinforces our continuous commitment and accountability to our customers, communities and all stakeholders of the Trust. Our annual report is an account of our commitment to operate with unparalleled excellence and integrity as we build and renew our businesses to remain competitive, add value, and create the greatest long-term benefit for our customers and communities.

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pdf 2022 Annual Report | pdf 2022 Financials

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Sustainability Report

The Citizens Energy Group Sustainability Report reinforces our company’s vision to fulfill the promise of the Trust to serve our customers and communities with unparalleled excellence and integrity. Throughout our history, Citizens has made enhancing the quality of life in our community a cornerstone of our corporate responsibility. Our sustainability report highlights some of the many ways in which Citizens is working to make Indianapolis a better place to live, both today and in the future.


pdf 2021 Sustainability Report

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