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Divisions of the Trust

Citizens Energy Group (Citizens, the Company or the Trust) operates as a public charitable trust engaged in a variety of businesses including:

Natural Gas

Citizens safely delivers natural gas to residential and commercial customers in the Indianapolis area, and also operates natural gas storage and pipeline facilities in Central Indiana that ensure you have natural gas for heating whenever you need it.


Citizens provides water service to customers in the 8-county Indianapolis area. Citizens also supplies water to area communities with their own water utilities including Speedway, Brownsburg, and Lawrence.


Citizens provides wastewater services to customers in Marion County. It also has wastewater service agreements with Ben Davis Conservancy District, Boone County Utilities, City of Beach Grove, City of Lawrence, City of Greenwood, Hamilton Southeastern Utilities, Inc., and Tri-County Conservancy District.


Across the growing downtown Indianapolis area, more than 250 commercial buildings and industries depend on steam for heat and more than 60 utilize chilled water for cooling from Citizens. We can also manage onsite energy facilities for commercial and industrial customers.


Through our Resources Division, we operate and invest in various regulated and unregulated utility-related businesses.

Citizens Westfield

Citizens Westfield is the gas, water and wastewater utility serving approximately 11,000 customers in the Westfield area. For more information, visit the Citizens Westfield Website.